F3 Workout Generator

Each reload will present you with a new randomly selected set of exercises for a standard bootcamp style workout session. This tool can be used as an idea generator, take the exercises suggested and add your own twists - for example - team based exercises, stations, pairing up, etc. The exercises are selected at random from a list of favourites, they are ordered so that all muscle groups are hit in turn. It will be a great workout no matter how the dice land.

If you need to get to a different location for The Thang. Use the following moving exercise
The Thang
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Buffer Exercises

For when you have a few minutes left
  • Squat jump ring of fire - In-Turn
  • 2 minute merkin

Fun Interruptions

Have fun and remember - it's YOU vs YOU.

Developed by Christopher Howarth, based on ideation with "Boris".