Celebrate the small gains

Everyone tries to make improvements in one or more areas of their lives. Modern movies seem to portray the effortless genius hero who stridently aces their goal. Even older movies like Rocky have Sylvester Stallone training for what seems like a mere few weeks before taking on, and defeating, Ivan Drago in the epic fight.

Don’t get disheartened if you’re not seeing progress in your efforts.

It’s only the supremely talented who catch our eye on TV or social media. They make us feel inadequate; like our small gains are insufficient.

Just remember real progress comes in small continued efforts, forged into habits. Think about the small things you can do daily. How much improvement can you make each day? 1%, 2%, 5%? Whatever you choose, just think that over a week you’ll achieve 7x where you started.

That’s awesome; celebrate it.

by BladeRunner

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