Consume or Produce ?

When we meet someone new, we naturally introduce ourselves. It’s interesting how those initial exchanges unfold and what information is shared. These early exchanges sometimes require a lot of self control. Subconsciously we assess the other person, the situation or environment we’re in and then focus on, or de-emphasise as the case may be, certain things that ensure we conform, fit in, or don’t standout too much. Or else we’ll be judged by the other person. In a way, risk management.

Sometimes it’ll be a work function. Other times it’ll be catching up with old friends. Or even with other dads whilst waiting to pick the kids up from school.

Nowadays in this world, conforming or fitting in means being a consumer. Why? Because in this world, it’s really easy to identify oneself by what we do; our job, our craft, our hobby, our interests … our / your consumption. Basically ME ! And to get swallowed up by … ME. For many focused on ME, the fulfillment is short-lived. It doesn’t take long for thoughts of “is this it?” or “there’s got to be more to life than this” to creep in.

In this world we have two options:

1. Be consumers, like everyone else, where we conform and fit in; where life’s about us. ME. It’s the low risk option. Or

2. Be producers, where we make or generate for others’ benefit or consumption. The “ME next to ME”. It’s the higher risk option because it makes us vulnerable to rejection, much like the producer of product that’s rejected by the market.

Being a producer, involves taking the focus off of ME / ourselves to focus on something outside of, or bigger than yourself. Are you improving yourself for your own vanity or satisfy your own insecurities? Or because it improves you to be able to serve those around you better? It should be the latter, because that’s what producers do.

Don’t take the low risk option. Be bold. Be different. Stand out. Be a net producer. Be proud of it. The world needs more net producers.

By Safari

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