Feeling alive

We often hear or even experience that life speeds up as we get older. Here is my take on it …

When we were children, everything was new, bigger, challenging, even scary. As we start to settle into our age we use routine to steady ourselves against the chaos of youth. As a shield against perceived risk. 

The routine is a wall we build against the uncertainty of chaos and heartache. It’s a wall we build against vulnerability. But in the repetition of routine we can lose ourselves and what makes us feel alive. “Am I living” is a common question that goes through people’s heads. “Is this really what life has to offer?”. 

Why then should time stop by on its busy schedule to observe these mundane rituals?

Think back to your last five car journeys. You probably can’t remember a thing. But try and remember a time you conquered a metaphorical giant – as a child or adult. Or encountered something scary, challenging or were really hurt or elated with something. These things we remember. These are the things that make us feel alive; that make us feel like we’re living.

Maybe we should be conscious to seek out more of these things.  Not things that hurt us, or others. More so new things; things that challenges us or push us outside our comfort zone. Things that are maybe a bit scary.

Then maybe time will slow down to take note of us.

Live. Live with force and conviction every day.

By BladeRunner

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