You lean where you look

It’s a bit like riding a bike. Or even when a car comes at you with its beams on at night; you find yourself getting drawn in. That’s if you don’t look slightly away.

In this world with everything at our fingertips, we can find whatever we’re looking for, pretty easily. Good, bad, indifferent, pessimism, optimism – whatever.

Remember, where you look you’ll lean. Look around for good and you’ll find it. Be the good. Be the beacon, or light punching holes in the darkness. The positive influence. The upbeat guy filled with empathy, patience, generosity and understanding.

It’s easy to allow our minds to be filled with negative thoughts because of our circumstances. Perhaps allowing our daily circumstances to shape our frame of mind.

Think about the kind of person you want to be today. Take one day at a time. Likely you’ll know what the day’s activities are ahead of you. Be deliberate about how you approach these activities and interactions:
– They can be angry, you can be calm.
– They can be impatient, you can be patient.
– They can be cold, you can be loving.
– They can be tight-fisted, you can be generous.
– They can be indifferent, you can show empathy.
– They can be moody, you can be sociable and stoic.
– … and so on.

Don’t allow others to shape how you turn up. Own it. Lead by example.

By Safari

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