“You vs You” – huh ?

The other day I was thinking about what “You vs You” means. The more I thought about it the more I realized it’s about an honest response:

– An honest response to each exercise set by the Q or workout leader;
– An honest response to each pre-blast or workout invitation; and
– An honest response to all that life throws at us.

Within each workout we know in ourselves when we’ve hit our limit and need to dial it back a bit. And we dial it back because the consequence is undesirable – maybe feel (or be) sick, or worse, incur an injury. “You vs You” kicks in because we physically can’t do it or the intensity is too much.

Or if the exercise is too easy, “You vs You” involves checking your exercise form, whether you’re doing it right, and then modifying up. Why? Because with “You vs You”, no-one cares who’s first over the line to finish.

“You vs You” involves an honest response to each workout invitation. This is because the consequence of not turning up to a workout is actually pleasurable and gratifying … more time in bed, more time drinking tea / coffee, watching the news, etc. – the voice in your head that says “I need more sleep” is very powerful.

But unfortunately, we know all too well there’s always a consequence – although maybe not immediate. Look no further than the symptoms of Sadclown syndrome:

Symptoms of Sadclown Syndrome

Many people simply cannot beat the Sadclown on their own. They can put up a facade about how they’re coping or dress up why they can’t make it to the workout … but it’s super unhelpful because it prevents others from pulling up alongside them to help. Often we don’t realize when the wheels are falling off, until they have fallen off and we’re in the ditch. Pridefulness and putting up appearances is super unhelpful.

Outside of workouts, “You vs You” is commented on nicely in Pasty’s blog “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”. Every day we see social media telling us everyone else’s life is perfect or better than ours. However, comparing our insides to others’ outsides is deeply flawed.

The point is that we’re all made different. “You vs You” is about pursuing the best version of yourself and not trying to get a leg up on someone else, which in doing so makes them a loser. Everyone can be a winner. Who can you help win with you?

by Safari

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